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Evergreen SEO for Physical Therapists


Create an endless stream of patient bookings by leveraging the latest trends in SEO and our extensive knowledge of physical therapy marketing.

Physical Therapy SEO Marketing

One of the key advantages of SEO for physical therapists is the ability to create generate new leads without spending any money on advertising.

Today's ever growing list of tech-savvy consumers get their information from the internet where they can simply type a couple of words into the Google search box and get what they are looking for instantly - literally with the click of a mouse button.

These consumers normally use office computers, wireless tablets, hot spot networks, Internet cafes and various mobile devices across a massively growing "Global" market to get the information they need.

You've seen it firsthand. Everywhere you look you can't avoid this trend. "It's the 21st century way and it's here to stay"

In fact, according to the latest statistics, there are now over 3 BILLION people worldwide using the Internet as their primary source of information, a figure which includes everyone from young children to senior citizens.

Physical therapy search marketing
Now look at these SEO statistics:
  • 90% of online searches with commercial intent result in purchases at the store (comScore).
  • 74% of Internet searchers have utilized local searches (Kelsey Group).
  • 61% of local searches end up with a person making a purchase (TMP/comScore).
  • 54% of Americans have given up the dusty old phone book for desktop and mobile local search (comScore).
  • 35% of all Internet searches are local (DM News).
  • 82% of local searchers make an in-store visit, call or purchase. (TMP/comScore).

So ask yourself this: when local residents go online and search for a physical therapist, are they finding you or your competitor?

And if they are finding your practice instead of the competition, how many are being converted into paying clients?

To put it bluntly... If you're not properly positioned in front of the RIGHT people, using the latest SEO strategies for physical therapists and exploiting the full potential of the internet to your benefit, then someone else will - and that person will most likely be your rival - stealing customers right from your very own doorstep!

Don't let that happen to you... start using the full power of search engine optimization to grow your physical therapy practice.

With effective physical therapy SEO strategies:

  • Your leads – customers – and sales... can increase ten-fold!
  • Your reputation and status in your community can grow by leaps and bounds!
  • You can also quickly position yourself as the "go-to-person/expert" for physiotherapy in your area!

Ready to learn much more about how to use SEO to increase your physical therapy patients and maximize your profits? Get our free ebook, "Search Engine Optimization for Physical Therapists".

Monthly Managed SEO Services

Monthly Monitoring & Account Review

This “base fee” for account management and monitoring sets the stage for the most appropriate “performance boosters” for a clinic to choose from - ideally based on the insights of the gap analysis and the clinic goals. Includes monitoring for up to 2 locations. We recommend our SEO Gap Analysis Audit with this service.

Triage plan
$199 /Month
+ Performance Boosters
This service includes the following elements:
  • On-Page Optimization (for a maximum of two geographic locations and one service)
  • Google My Business (GMB) Review
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Bi-Monthly Review Call and Prioritization of upcoming tasks
  • Adding New Citations on a regular basis
  • Access to the PatientSites Reputation Management Platform
Recommend SEO Audit
Pick your performance boosters
  • Citation
    $ 50
    One-time fee
    Citations are business listings that reinforce your business name, phone number and physical address to Google. This service is very helpful in improving search rankings when there is mid-to-heavy competition and other changes are not very effective.
  • Deepening Clinic
    Per page
    We can create new text-based content that will help increase the word count, keyword density and improve on-page metrics that will in turn improve search engine rankings for your website.
  • Ongoing Long Form
    Blog Development
    $ 750
    Per article
    Our team of expert copywriters can create high-quality blog articles that are pre-planned with a variety of keywords being targeted for organic rankings. The articles will be medically researched, 100% unique and contain a minimum of 1750 words.
    Recommend Opportunity
    Mining report
  • Inbound Backlink
    We can contact other website owners on your behalf to request a link that leads back to your website. The quality of inbound links can vary based on the type of referring website and the amount of work required in acquiring that link.
  • Custom
    We can create custom solutions for complex cases where there is a need for additional time, research and strategies to improve search rankings.

One-Time SEO Services

SEO Gap Analysis Audit

The SEO Gap Analysis Audit allows us to understand your current situation and recommend suggestions that will help you extract more performance from your existing website. We focus on providing a landscape view of the technical, on-page and off-page elements for your website, as well as a thorough competitor 'gap analysis' review. Most of the clinics who have availed this service are now ranking on the first page of Google.

Triage plan
$500 /Location
+ $250 for additional location
This service includes the following elements:
  • Competitor gap analysis to identify market landscape
  • Website analytics review and recommendations
  • Website content review and recommendations
  • Backlink analysis and recommendations
  • Social media analysis and recommendations
  • Google My Business review and recommendations
  • New blog article on a keyword of your choosing (for one location)
  • Citation building of up to 25 new citations
  • Custom schema markup for local business
Recommended with Opportunity Mining Process
Opportunity Mining Process

Build long term assets that help you generate leads for several years without investing in advertisements or other extra costs. The opportunity mining exercise identifies themes and content ideas to guide SEO development opportunities for a higher return on investment. This strategy is implemented by identifying keywords based on high monthly search volume, low competition, commercial intent, and consumer index.

Triage plan
$300 /Theme
This service includes the following elements:
  • List of keyword-based sub-themes to support the main topic
  • Question-type keywords for research stage audiences
  • Data to show which of the keywords are most/least competitive
  • Data to show traffic levels for different keywords
  • Recommendations on best keywords
Recommended with SEO Gap Analysis Audit
SEO Boost!

This service is available for clinics who are not looking for an ongoing SEO engagement but need to improve their Google rankings. We recommend this for clinics who are currently ranking on Page 2 or higher and looking for short term tactics to improve ranking on a specific geographic term (e.g. Physical Therapy in Kalamazoo).

Triage plan
$1500 /Location
This service includes the following elements:
  • Citation building for up to 25 new citations
  • Adding key terms & optimizing on-page elements for up to 2 keywords (such as titles, headings, etc)
  • Deepening or developing new static content for up to 2 pages (including homepage)
  • Implementing a reputation management system that maximizes positive reviews and minimizes negative feedback
  • Monitoring & reporting for up to 2 months

Online reviews and SEO

The reputation of your clinic on review sites play a role in search ranking

One of the signals that search engines consider as part of their ranking algorithm is the presence (and quality) of your online reviews. At PatientSites, our Lead Autom8r suite comes with an application that is designed to get more of your happy patients to post online reviews for you.

For clinics that need more on this front, we offer a reputation management service.

Reputation management is the practice of working to increase the number of positive online reviews about your services on platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp while also trying to intercept negative reviews before they are shared online.

More about reputation management

Stand Out from the Crowd

Evergreen Marketing Blueprint for Physical Therapists

Download our PT evergreen marketing blue print for free! Use this to understand what role different marketing tactics play and how to build a balance of tactics that will grow your practice today but most importantly increase the value of your business tomorrow.

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