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Patient Education

Physical Therapy
Patient Education

Get access to 1300+ patient education articles and videos designed exclusively for physical therapy clinics.

Physical Therapy Patient Education by PatientSites

The best patient education library in the industry.

Our physical therapy patient education library includes 1300+ educational articles, including phenomenal imagery and animated videos, to help you educate your patients on their injuries and conditions. 

1300+ Article Database

Over 1,300 amazing
educational articles.

Video Playbacks

Phenomenal imagery and
animated videos.

Easy Integration

All of our articles are
integrated into your site.

Fully Customisable

Add, edit or delete content
anytime you want.

Patient education library for physical therapists

LIVE Articles System

Here are some of the most recently accessed physical therapy articles from prospects and patients of our clinics

Patient viewing LIVE Articles - right now!

A system to view live articles for physical therapy websites

Turn Your Physical Therapy Website into a
Patient-Generating Workhorse

Why is patient education important?

Our patient education library gives your patients access to valuable and unique information, without spending hours searching for it on the internet. 

Patient Education = Thought Leadership.

You read books, research articles and attend key notes at seminars because you seek out "thought leaders." Your prospective patients are no different... they want to seek out a provider that helps them understand their condition and is a leader in Physical Therapy services. The purpose of having quality physical therapy patient education on your website is to influence prospective patients to choose your clinic, improve customer experience and provide a platform for patients to share your brand with their friends through article sharing.

Patient Education = Thought Leadership

Content marketing can help you grow.

The top three primary benefits of content marketing for physical therapy websites

Develop thought leadership and stand out from the crowd


Develop thought leadership and stand out from the crowd

Most websites are basically online brochures. If you were looking at two plumbing company websites, one that is a brochure and one that has content that educates you, you may be more likely to call the company that "draws you in" by speaking to your needs.


Improve the overall patient

Create a better patient experience by using iPads in the clinic setting to show a patient a video or pull up a graphic to provide more context to an injury. Having content that is branded to you on your own website raises the bar in patient experience.

Improve the overall patient experience
Create a scalable system for social referrals


Create a scalable system for
social referrals

As you become known as an educational thought leader, online patient education presents an opportunity for patients to introduce you virtually to their own circles by sending people a link to your website to research conditions.

PatientSites Evergreen Marketing Blueprint eBook Cover Image

Evergreen Marketing Blueprint for Physical Therapists

Download our PT evergreen marketing blue print for free! Use this to understand what role different marketing tactics play and how to build a balance of tactics that will grow your practice today but most importantly increase the value of your business tomorrow.

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