Facts vs. Storytelling: How to Write Research-Backed Content That Persuades Your Patients

Have you ever tried to convince your friends to see a movie you want or buy a certain video game? You’ve probably got a lot of excuses, such as “I don’t have the time,” “It’s not my style,” or “Let me see what’s all about and I’ll let you know.” Now, imagine having to convince a bunch of strangers to choose your physical therapy clinic’s services over another. If you’ve been serious about marketing your PT clinic...
Posted on 2018-04-08

Powerful Google Analytics Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rate

    You’ve worked hard to create a sound marketing strategy for your physical therapy clinic and even harder to implement it. At last, you’re starting to see some results – those articles you’ve written for your blog are finally gaining some traction, and your traffic rates are growing like crazy. That’s great! After all, more visitors mean more potential patients, right? Well, not necessarily. The problem is that there are only so many ...
Posted on 2018-04-08

Reasons People Leave Your PT Clinic’s Website in Less Than 15 Seconds

Internet users have a smaller attention span than a goldfish. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s the truth. According to one study, 55% of the people that visit a website leave it after less than 15 seconds. In other words, for every 100 people that land on your website, 55 will bounce without engaging with your content. If you’re using your website as a way to introduce your physical therapy clinic to your audience and persuade them to try your services, then that number...
Posted on 2018-03-05

The Science of Emotions: How to Use Them to Drive Patients to Your PT Clinic

What makes you click on a headline, share an article or subscribe to a newsletter? What inspires you to buy a product and tell others about it? Is it logic, emotion, or something else? As it turns out, emotion is the driving force behind persuasion. According to scientists, we feel first and act second. Our brains process sensory information in one-fifth of the time it takes our cognitive part to assimilate the same information.   However, most business ow...
Posted on 2018-03-05

Why No One Is Reading Your Newsletter: 6 Rookie Email Marketing Mistakes

Social media may be the new kid on the block, but email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies in your arsenal. In spite of what you may have heard, email is still very well alive and kicking. In fact, people send and receive 269 billion emails every day, and experts estimate that the number will hit 319.6 billion in the next five years. But, that’s not all: the average deliverability rate for email is 98 higher open rate than generic messages. Let’s consider for...
Posted on 2018-02-19
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