How to Get Genuine Positive Reviews on Your Physical Therapy Site

Not all customers bother with feedback, especially when their experience has been a positive one. People may be more compelled to take time out when they have had a bad experience, so you need to embrace the positive. Receiving reviews are great for your business and improves your brands reputation, building a positive perception of your clinic.   First of all, you need to have the facility for your customers to leave reviews. The easiest way for you to do that is online, be that on...
Posted on 2018-06-20

Top 4 Mistakes When Marketing Your Physical Therapy Website

We all know that we need to market our businesses but if you are new to marketing you might not know where to start. There are plenty of ways you promote your Physical Therapy website but there are also some mistakes to make too. If you know the mistakes to avoid before you start, then you are already a step ahead in the marketing game. You may already know what direction you want to take your business in, but there are some ways of promoting your website that are more effective than others. H...
Posted on 2018-06-15

5 Ways to Keep Your Physical Therapy Clients Coming Back

You have marketed your business, you have your first customers but what is going to keep them coming back? Client retention is something you should think about and there can be a few different reasons your customers choose not to return. Making the efforts to retain an existing patients is definitely worth the time and effort. Existing clients already know who you are and what you do, having an already established relationship. You should make the most out of their good experience of your ser...
Posted on 2018-06-10

How to Identify Your Target Audience for Your Physical Therapy Website 

When setting up a new Physical Therapy business you have so much to think about when it comes to your tangible business, but you also need to think about your online brand too. Your website is an important tool to get yourself known, improve your brands reputation and most importantly to engage customers. Having a good online presence is essential to a new or expanding business. When you design and set up your Physical Therapy website you need to have a target audience in mind. Why is identif...
Posted on 2018-06-05

Facts vs. Storytelling: How to Write Research-Backed Content That Persuades Your Patients

Have you ever tried to convince your friends to see a movie you want or buy a certain video game? You’ve probably got a lot of excuses, such as “I don’t have the time,” “It’s not my style,” or “Let me see what’s all about and I’ll let you know.” Now, imagine having to convince a bunch of strangers to choose your physical therapy clinic’s services over another. If you’ve been serious about marketing your PT clinic...
Posted on 2018-04-08
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