How to Optimize Your Local Business Listing and Boost Your PT Clinic’s Ranking

Picture this: the bathroom sink is leaking, and it’s making a complete mess. What’s the first thing you do? Most people hop on Google to look for tips and advice. If they decide that they can’t fix the problem on their own, then they look for the best service or product that can help them solve their needs. But, they don’t just choose the first option that shows up in search results. They review information about different businesses, check out social media, and read...
Posted on 2017-12-27

5 Types of Negative Online Reviews & How to Handle Them Like a Pro

It almost always catches you by surprise. Sometimes you get a clue that something was off about a transaction, or you’re aware that you didn’t manage to satisfy a picky patient. However, you rarely expect the fallout. A negative comment on social media, a bad rating, or a damaging remark could throw your entire plan off course. It sounds scary, but you can’t always control it. If you have the honor and privilege of interacting with your patients online, you will most defi...
Posted on 2017-12-27

The Reputation Checklist: How to Manage Your PT Clinic’s Brand in 5 Easy Steps

How much time do you invest in managing your physical therapy clinic’s brand reputation? If you’re anything like the regular marketer, worrying about a million different things at the same time, then you probably let your online reputation work slide. That could pose a serious threat to your PT clinic. Here’s the thing: studies have shown that over half of consumers decide whether to do business with a company based on the information they have. That means that any commen...
Posted on 2017-11-29

Re-Engaging the Dead: How to Revive Dormant Lead Opportunities

Savvy business owners understand the importance of growing their email lists. After all, the numbers don’t lie: 77 of the content educational and only 10% promotional. Include a call to action at the end of the email and encourage prospects to engage with you. Create Emails That Are Sure to Win Back Your Dormant Subscribers As mentioned already, avoid sending an overly promotional message that could make your subscribers feel like you’re only seeing them as walking dollar sig...
Posted on 2017-11-27

The Complete Guide to Creating Evergreen Content for Your PT Clinic’s Website

By now, you should be well aware of the role content plays in the success of your physical therapy clinic. It can help you build awareness, boost your rankings, get more people to visit your PT’s website, and nurture a lucrative relationship with them. Content is so valuable that nearly 92% of marketers say that it represents a crucial business asset. But, while you’re using different content frameworks and staying on top of the latest news in the industry to boost your traffic, y...
Posted on 2017-11-06
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