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  • Avatar 1
    Rob Kappes
    Action Physiotherapy
    You guys continue to amaze me with your free updates and tons of educational content. Customer service is incredible. I always get a call back the same day to help me resolve any problems big or small. Best return on investment from any other program I have used. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar 3
    Pauline Greatbanks
    Ross Physiotherapy Solutions
    Patientsites has been invaluable to Ross Physiotherapy Solutions. We keep track of our referrals on a monthly basis and our internet presence has grown immensely in the last year. When a new patient arrives and tells us that they found us on the internet we always ask "did you like our website?", and the answer has always be very positive. Comments like "it was great to see who was going to treat me before I came in", "it was really easy to navigate and find what I needed" are extremely important to us. The fact that I can control our main features and content means that I can target the specific demographic that we are trying to reach out to. Continual updates help our web presence and continually keep us at the top of the search listings. Working with Patientsites has been extremely easy and very professional and I would recommend Patientsites to any medical centre thinking of boosting their internet presence.
  • Avatar 4
    Wendy Coombs
    Momentum Health
    I was setup an entire new website for my clinics in half a day. I was able to send myself a newsletter and look up the latest in spinal surgeries with the click of a button. My business partners were so impressed they didn't believe that I did it myself. Patient Sites is available to assist those of you that would consider yourself below average on the computer. This is truly a fantastic product.
  • Avatar 5
    Hugh Simson
    Active Motion Physiotherapy, CEO
    Since working with Patient Sites we have seen our company go to #1 on Google on a broad range of searches that are related to treatment and conditions. Patient Sites was easy to integrate to my existing website and the quality of the content on my website and emails really differentiates my clinics from others.
  • Avatar 6
    Carrie Smith / Dave Hawken
    Kemptville Physio
    Since working with Patient Sites, our website has been the number one clinic search result for physiotherapy-related Google searches in our area. In my opinion, this is a hugely important in today's marketing landscape. The were also extremely helpful when we recently updated our website, giving us a more modern, up to date design and user interface. I don't know where we would be without Patient Sites!
  • Avatar 7
    Deni McConnell
    Greater Pittsburgh PT & Sports Medicine
    PatientSites proved invaluable in redesigning our website to be more modern and stylish. My favorite part about PatientSites is the ease with which I can update my own site. I don't have much time nor do I have any skill in web design but PatientSites has made it very easy for me to add pictures, text, and pages to our website. We recently revised our home page due to a phone call I got from PatientSites about new features now available. I love that I am updated on how to improve my website long after the initial sale was made.
  • Avatar 8
    Jamie Spoto
    Star Physical Therapy
    We have been using Patient Sites for our website management for about 3 years. We could not be happier with the service and quality of the product. We receive positive feedback from patients, members and other clinics on a regular basis. We think our website looks professional, clean and efficient. Patient Sites has taken the stress out of managing our website and Facebook page, without completely controlling all of the content; it is a nice balance. The patient education, newsletter and blog features Patient Sites offers has certainly enhanced our practice. The staff is very helpful and changes/updates are made in an efficient manner. STAR Physical Therapy would highly recommend Patient Sites to other clinics!
  • Avatar 9
    Amber Kusobovich
    Waterdown Physiotherapy
    The service provided by PatientSites has been very valuable to my business. The information contained in the e-newsletter, facebook posts and website content is very accurate and relevant. Whenever I have contacted someone at PatientSites for support, they have been most helpful and always respond very quickly to any requests. I would recommend them to any other physiotherapy clinic.
  • Avatar 10
    Marnie Bennett
    Westmount Physio
    After recently purchasing an existing Physiotherapy Practice I was connected with Patient Sites for the clinic's web page and design. I worked closely with Scott and Jen who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In a very short time my web page was transformed into an informative, eye catching, and competitive web page. The team at Patient Sites worked tirelessly with me to make sure I was happy with the end product, while also ensuring it was a highly competitive site. Not only has our newly updated web page helped to promote the clinic, the other features Patient Sites offers, such as patient surveys, newsletters, and reminders, has helped to ensure patient satisfaction. Scott and his team at Patient Sites has definitely helped to promote my business and ensure patient satisfaction.
  • Avatar 11
    Art Brosnard
    State of The Art Physical Therapy
    I would recommend PatientSites to any private practitioner with large or small; multiple or single clinic(s). They provide excellent customer service and deliver as advertised and as promised! I have noticed an immediate return on investment (ROI) with the online appointment request form and the managed live chat program. PatientSites is constantly improving and advancing their product and am confident they will continue to do so.
  • Avatar 12
    Nancy McMahon
    Ascend Physical Therapy & Wellness
    I have got to tell you, our website is such a hit!!! I have been able to attract patients who were deciding between me and other facilities solely on the appearance of the website. I am so happy to have gone this route and met you guys. I know it seems people only tend to write the negative but I felt the need to tell you how very pleased we are.
  • Avatar 13
    Christy Hall
    Patientsites has provided our company an up-to-date website and presence in the social media with the ease of controlling our own information. Due to their assistance and the ease of the program our company is able to maintain a website with little time involvement. They are very easy to communicate and open to new ideas. I would recommend PatientSites for anyone who doesn't have the time to build their own website, however, wants the quality and great technical support.
  • Avatar 14
    Nadine Bartley
    Bartley PT/CA
    Finding patient sites was such a huge relief for me as a busy orthopedic PT clinic owner who knows very little about website design and computers. They have been great since start up where they walked me through how to set up my website and since with ongoing support and help when I needed to improve optimization. I was able to train my admin staff in how to edit the website which now makes staffing changes and updates to the site so quick and efficient. I always have an up-to-date website and I love the newsletter service and Facebook page articles which improves my social media image but requires minimal effort from me. The company is very tuned into our PT world and all my interactions with them have been handled professionally and efficiently. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an informative, educational website which is so easy to update.
  • Avatar 15
    Al Gesite
    I've been using Patiensites for the last 2 years for my website needs. One thing I like about them is that they're very receptive and very efficient in making changes and advise changes to optimize the usage of my website. I didn't foresee that my website can be this good compared to my old static one.
  • Avatar 16
    Azzam Hajyousif
    Dynamic PT/Bodygears
    We have been using PatientSites for our webhosting platform for over 3 years now. With our previous website, we struggled to create monthly newsletters, develop a strong social media platform, and provide regularly updated content to our website regularly. This made communicating, attracting, and keeping new clients a major obstacle. With PatientSites we were given a completed newsletter monthly with an easy to navigate email platform to help us send out consistent communications. Patientsites provides an enormous library of PT articles, which we use to update Facebook and Twitter, as well as an interactive anatomical bodymap that our clients rave about. Our clinic has literally tripled in size since we have been using PatientSites, and we attribute much of our success to a very strong social media and web presence. Patientsites has been a significant factor to our marketing success and we would recommend them to clinics of all sizes that want to grow their business.
  • Avatar 17
    Troy Marsh
    Meier & Marsh PT
    As a busy clinician and owner of three clinics, I don't always have time to manage a website. I've been very happy with and the monthly newsletters and social media updates. Basically, I don't have to worry about a thing or I can be as involved as I want to be. I have found their customer service top notch. They scheduled a short call with me to report on our logistics and discuss features we are not using. This is exactly what I wanted in a website service. After looking at many options, I'm happy to know I made a wise choice.
  • Avatar 18
    Chris Shearer
    Kinetic PT
    We have been very pleased with PatientSites. Their program is very helpful and the support they offer is great. I can't believe they don't charge more for the services and support they offer to help our clinic website succeed.
  • Avatar 19
    Paul Goodyear RPT
    Athens Physiotherapy
    I had absolutely no clue of how to set up a web site for my clinics. My computer savvy was non existent and my knowledge of the web was hazy at best. Patient Sites walked me through the whole thing, with a lot of support and a lot of patience and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I have exactly the web site I hoped for and I am able to do the admin myself. A thing I would not have dreamed possible 2 years ago, I feel like quite the pro.
  • Avatar 20
    The Management, Roman Sabo-Walsh
    West End Physiotherapy, BC
    Our Clinic has been using medical information provided by PatientSites for a number of years now, and according to our patients, this is a very valuable add to our website.
  • Avatar 21
    Michael Vacon
    Blue Hills PT, MA
    We've used PatientSites for over 3 years. The education article information itself is great to provide for patients - there's nothing like it out there in terms of volume and quality. Additionally because PatientSites provides editing capabilities not only do I use the education to build up my newsletters and blogs, I can tweak to fit our needs and add to it as well. It's exactly what we needed and there's no way we could've created this on our own.

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