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Explore Ready-To-Go Campaigns - from $50/month

Google & Facebook Ads | Landing pages | E-Books | Drip Marketing | Leadboxes
Content Pack Topics Include:
  • Back Pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Concussions
  • Running
  • New Patient Onboarding
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Ready to go ad campaigns

Start a professional advertising campaign on Google and Facebook without paying expensive management costs to a full-service advertising agency.

Our campaigns are fully-optimized and written to minimize the cost-per-lead so you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Lead pages
Ready to go Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing is your best way to nurture prospects and customers.  The biggest problem with drip marketing?  The time it takes to build the logic and the content for communication flow.   We make this simple with our content packs that include content ready drip email content. 

You can also use our super easy drip builder to develop your own custom campaigns!

Triggered campaigns

Drip Marketing is a strategy of sending a pre-written set of relevant email communications
to a prospect or patient while adapting the flow based on certain actions (or inaction)

  • Series of Emails
    Series of Emails
    An e-Book download email that is followed with a series of emails based on whether the prospect downloaded the e-book with content that is progressively encouraging them to contact your clinic for treatment
  • Welcome Emails
    Welcome Emails
    A first visit welcome email that is followed with a series of communications that create a personal connection with your location/staff/story and encourages feedback from the patient
  • Satisfaction Survey
    Satisfaction Survey
    A post discharge satisfaction survey that is followed with either a plan to engage the happy patient in building referrals or address negative feedback from an unhappy patient
Lead Pages for Physical Therapy

When you are running a dedicated direct response marketing campaign by email or online ads, sometimes a standalone high powered conversion page is the best way to convert more of the visitors to your campaign page.

We have amazing lead page designs for:

  • In clinic seminars (or webinars)
  • Employee recruiting
  • e-Book downloads
Lead pages
Lead Page Editor

No tech skills needed. Our lead pages are fully content ready.  Click in place to modify content, colours, and images to customize any landing page.

Triggered campaigns
Physiotherapy Lead Boxes

Are you missing out on leads? Convert more website visitors into prospects with our lead boxes that seamlessly connect to our drip marketing system.

It's super easy to create and target custom lead boxes or edit the ready to go collection!

Lead boxes
Reporting Statistics

Our powerful reporting tool allows you to analyze past advertising data and make an informed decision based on actual performance statistics.

It’s time to stop wasting your budget on ads & campaigns that don’t convert to leads.

Lead pages
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