5 Tips For Keeping Your Physical Therapy Blog Fresh

Breakfast and blogging. Keeping your physical therapy blog fresh and updating your articles.

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Your blog posts remind your clients about your business and builds an ongoing relationship between you and your customer. Sometimes we can get complacent with our blogs and it can become a little stagnant. With social media and other types of marketing it can be hard to keep on top of your own website. There are so many different things you should be doing all at once. So how do you keep your blog fresh and up to date? There are a few different ways to make sure your blog posting activities are up to scratch.  Here are five tips for keeping your physical therapy blog fresh and keeping your readers happy.

1. Write regularly and set a schedule

Blog readers are more likely to follow your posts if you publish an article on the same regular basis. How often that is depends on yourself and your readers of course. Set the best time for you, be that weekly, monthly or something in between. Consistency is the key and publishing good articles on a regular basis will keep clients happy and promote trust in your brand. You will be shown as a committed and established business if you keep to a blogging schedule. You can get yourself a good following if you regularly publish interesting content that readers want to see.

You may not have the time to write and share during certain periods, so this is where you can use tools to enable you to schedule posts. That way you can publish at the exact same time every week for example, without having to be physically writing a publishing at that time. You could stockpile articles as long as they remain relevant and include seasonal issues too to keep your clients up to date at different times of the year.  Write when you want and when you can, then share at the points and times that are right for your business.

2. Share different types of articles

If your readers are getting the same type of article week in week out, they may stop reading. Sharing content that is still relevant but in different formats or viewpoints will entice and engage the reader. You should be able to do this pretty easily too. From patient education articles where you explain common problems and their treatments. To perhaps a case study on a client who has shown improvement through your treatments. This could be followed up in a series or a stand-alone article.

Mixing it up and keeping the article types dynamic will encourage your readers to keep coming back. You may even want to include photographs of new staff members or equipment or use infographics to explain a certain treatment or rehabilitation technique. If you though there were limited possibilities you were wrong. There are many different styles and types of articles you can share whilst still being in keeping with your overall brand image.

3. Use guest posts from interesting bloggers

Using guest bloggers can be a really useful tool in keeping your Physical Therapy blog fresh and up to date. Of course, you must approach bloggers who will produce content your readers will enjoy and useful information to share. For example, you may want to ask one of your therapists to write a day in the life piece where they write about their duties and tasks on a typical therapists’ day. You could also produce a question and answer piece with a well known professional or a specialist in their field.

There is also the option of a more academic article where you would invite students or teachers to write an informative post about a particular subject relevant to physical therapy. This could provide information on different types of injury and how they come about. Also, how to protect yourself from these kinds of injuries in the future or even talk about alternative treatment options that are currently available. Sometimes it is great to get different perspective on some issues and guest bloggers can do just that. It keeps your blog new, exciting and fresh.

4. Include testimony or achievement posts about clients

There is nothing better than a happy ending story in a blog article and you are sure to have plenty of those if you are an established Physical Therapist or clinic. You can use past or current clients as longs as they are happy for their stories to be shared with the option of keeping their true identities a secret if necessary. Some clients however will be happy for their success to be shared as they will be happy to recommend your services if you have achieved good results for them.

You may want to produce a special piece detailing the journey to recovery from the beginning to end or share it as an ongoing journey split into smaller blog articles that shows the progress. There are lots of ways you can use your successes to your advantage when writing your physical therapy blog. You could even produce good feedback stories that highlight customer testimonials and a job well done across your practice. Sharing these sorts of stories will not only please your customers but promote your brand reputation too.

5. Update old posts with new information

You may have some articles that are a little out of date and in need of a refresh. In this case you might want to update information, a change of your practice or amend details about a certain type of therapy. If you do this right, you will encourage readership and show you care about the information that you put across on your website. Updating posts or adding additional content to refresh articles can bring more attention to your blog.

Some of your posts might contain out of date content or information that needs to change. You may want to give an update on a client’s progress or confirm how well a new treatment is going. You can also show how you have progressed as a business and improved your services and your content.

What else could you consider?

If you love some content shared on other sites you could share the same content on your own blog by re-blogging or requesting to share the article. Short photo posts are also a good idea between big articles to keep your publishing flow. Any way you think might be beneficial to your readership, you should consider. There are many different ways improve your blog uptake and keep your website fresh, but you need to consider and try alternative options to decide what is right for your own site.

So, to recap what do you need to do to keep your blog refreshingly good?

How can you make small changes and improve your blog to keep it current and fresh? Here’s a brief overview of what we have been talking about to keep your blog fresh.

  • Set a schedule and publish your articles regularly. Use publishing tools if necessary to ensure your posts are shared on time every time.
  • Vary your article types and publish a range of interesting posts to engage and keep hold of your readership.
  • Break up your scheduled posts with articles from guest bloggers. Offer alternative and open-minded articles that offer a different perspective for your readers.
  • Think about including real life examples and testimonials to showcase your clinics services within your blog posts. This will build confidence both in your blog and your business.
  • Update your old posts with new information and refresh the content across your articles.
  • Consider all of your different options to share exciting new content. Think outside the box and play around with what works and what doesn’t.

What do you do when keeping your physical therapy blog fresh?

Do you update your blog regularly with new and exciting content or are you a bit hap hazard when it comes to blog posts? As you can see there are so many ideas you can consider keeping your blog up to date. Just remember to share relevant content that fits within your branding and offers informative and exciting reading for your following, and keep your customers coming back. If you love developing blog articles then this will be no problem for you.

Setting a plan is the first step to blogging success. Planning your schedule and blog posts in advance will keep everything running smoothly and you’ll have it all under control. Include your blog within your marketing strategy to ensure your website is updated when your other forms of marketing are reviewed.

Is keeping your blog fresh and updated a difficult task?

Don’t worry, if you can’t keep up with all the updates and posting, you can get some help to do all of this for your business. If you employ a company such as us at patientsites.com you can expect patient education and informative articles as part of your package. Remember that there is help out there if you need it.Whether you can do it on your own or with a little help from a marketing company, you are sure to retain custom and reliability by sharing great blog posts on a regular basis.

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