Can Potential Patients Find You Easily when Searching Online?

Can Potential Patients Find You Easily when Searching Online?

The internet allows users to find what they want, whenever they want it. The information they’re seeking could be the seating time for a local play or the location of seafood restaurants close to a specific hotel. It could also be the best area physical therapy clinics.

When it comes to finding physiotherapy clinics, potential patients follow the same protocol – a quick search on Google or through one of the multitude of other online platforms. You may have the best physical therapy clinic in your area, but if future clients aren’t able to find you online they will likely never make it to your front door.

Having a Well-Developed Primary Web Presence

The core need of any physical therapy clinic, when it comes to online marketing, is having a primary web presence. For most offices, this is going to be their website. Just as your office location represents the physical presence of your clinic, your website serves as your virtual presence. In order to convert web traffic into actual patients and increased revenue, you need to develop your primary web presence into a comprehensive, lead-generating platform. One way to help accomplish this is to ensure your website is attractive to visitors and provides useful, interesting content.

Focus on Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Focus on Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Just as having an online presence is crucial to being found online, having a well-designed, search engine optimized website is vital to turning your traffic into results. When creating your online presence, you need to strive for a balance between an easy-to-use design and an optimized format for the search engines. Improving your site’s SEO is an integral part of ranking high in the search results, and in turn generating more online traffic for the physical therapy clinic. Having a website which is also well-designed and simple to navigate means that visitors will be able to find your informative content and want to spend more time browsing your website.

Incorporate Social Media

Even with many clients searching for physical therapy clinics on Google and other search engines, social media plays an important role in reaching new patients. On top of the fact that the majority of your target clients use social media regularly, the social recommendations of your existing patients and visitors to your website can be extremely effective in generating new leads. Social media also allows for free and low-cost marketing opportunities for physiotherapy clinics that can provide results while still staying within the range of even the smallest office’s marketing budget.

Track Results and Make Improvements

Once you have the basic infrastructure in place, the next step to maximizing the amount of traffic you’re seeing is to take a look at the things you’re doing right and the things you’re doing wrong. Tracking your results allows you to see the opportunities you can use to improve the number of visitors you’re getting, as well as how those users are interacting with your website and physical therapy clinic.

Some of the areas of your online presence that you can isolate and improve by tracking results are:

  • Find which Facebook posts are generating the most traffic to your website and identify common characteristics that can be used in future posts, such as a colorful graphic or particular call-to-action.
  • When potential clients visit your website, are they reading only one page and leaving, or are they perusing through your site? If you have a high bounce rate, you may need to improve the overall layout of your web presence to keep visitors around.
  • Are visitors to your physical therapy clinic’s site spending time browsing your content but not making it to your contact page? Make it easier for traffic to end up where you want them to by adding links on your most read pages to your clinic’s information, or make your phone number and address more prominently displayed throughout the entire website.

Twenty years ago, anyone looking for physical therapy clinics in their area would pick up the phone book. Today, the internet is a more complete, up-to-date resource than any type of printed directory. People are turning to Google and social media to find everything they need, from pizza for dinner to quality clinics for their physical therapy needs. Making sure that users are able to find your office’s website and are actually interacting with your various features is crucial if you hope to generate additional traffic online. Our physical therapy website templates are designed to maximize visibility for your clinic and encourage the highest level of engagement from your visitors.