Using Social Data to Target Physical Therapy Patients with Marketing

Social Data to Target Physical Therapy Patients

In a time not too long ago staying connected with people involved phone calls, letters, and seeing each other in person. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are now able to stay connected to each other digitally. People have the ability to follow businesses on an assortment of social media sites, mobile apps, and email and In turn, those businesses can do the same with their customers.

What all of this following and online interaction does is leave a digital footprint that allows marketers to gather information about customers. In doing so, they can determine what interests various individuals. All of this digital information available to marketing agencies allows for more focused marketing campaigns. In the case of a physiotherapy practice, by using social data, it is possible to better identify potential patients who may have an interest in or a need for physiotherapy services. Here are a few of the ways that using social data will help you in identifying and targeting those potential patients.

Event Targeting

The addition of Event Targeting on Twitter in July of 2015 was a major plus for marketers. Having access to a built-in event calendar provides physical therapy clinics with information about events related to health, wellness, and the physical therapy industry and so much more. Clinics now have the ability to target specific events and see the type of content shared as well as things the target audience (i.e. physical therapy patients) need or want to know about. Researching this type of information provides physical therapy clinics with a much better opportunity to create a marketing campaign filled with exactly the type of content that the target audience seeks.

Connect with Social Influencers

There are individuals on social media sites considered social influencers. What they like, share, and promote tends to influence their followers. If you are not entrenched in social media enough to know who these people are, then various services out there will help find the people with the most social influence with whom you have a current connection and outside your connections. With social influencers identified, work at building a relationship with them. The next step in the process is aiming topics related to your physical therapy practice to these individuals. Social influencers can then help get your PT clinic name and the services you offer out to their many fans and supporters – you never know how many potential patients that might include.

Create Content Based on Topics and Trends

Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote a physical therapy clinic and the ultimate goal is to get the content your clinic produces liked and shared by as many people as possible. In order to achieve this goal, it would benefit your clinic to use social data to find hot trends and topics. You can search for what is trending and identify topics that are all the buzz. Knowing what is popular or trending allows you to offer rapid-response content relevant to the physical therapy industry. If you are interested in posting content more relevant to physical therapy patient needs or services you offer you can also turn to Twitter’s Tailored Audiences. This will help you get the content you want to exactly the people intended.

Use Multiple Social Media Sites

One of the best ways to reach potential patients for your physiotherapy practice is to ensure that you include multiple social media sites in your marketing efforts. Choosing the best social media platforms can be difficult, but if you spend time looking at social data you will be able to determine which platforms are going to be the most appropriate for your clinic.

Social data is an excellent way to start targeting a specific audience - namely those interested in physical therapy services. There are a number of ways that this data can be used and it can get fairly complex. However, patientsites.com can help you to manage your social media content and generate the relevant reports via our advanced marketing tools. Why not arrange a demonstration?

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