Staying in touch with your physical therapy patients

Staying in touch with your physical therapy patients

Efficient Ways to Keep in Contact With Your Physical Therapy Patients

One of the top goals for any physical therapy clinic should be keeping existing patients coming back. By maintaining a steady flow of repeat clients, you can spend your time and money on growing your business by attracting new patients, rather than simply trying to replace your lost clientele. Keeping loyal patients means staying in touch between their scheduled visits to your clinic. This used to mean phone calls and postcards, but has now been replaced by the internet and social platforms.

Reach out through Social Media

Reach out through Social MediaToday, social media is used on a daily basis by nearly everyone – including your patients. Social platforms like Facebook provide your physical therapy clinic the ability to easily develop a following of your loyal clientele and keep in contact with them. Social media is one of the best ways to let your patients know what is going on at your clinic. Not only does this mean keeping them up-to-date on what’s going on around the office, but also about updates on your website. Social media is also great as a ways to reach patients with your various marketing efforts. After you’ve built up your following, keeping on contact with your patients is fast and free.

Develop an Informative Patient Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep in contact with patients and provide them with informative educational materials. Email marketing produces some of the highest returns of any type of campaign, and can maintain a patient’s loyalty to your clinic. Regularly sending out your physical therapy clinic’s newsletter keeps you fresh in your patient’s minds while also acting as a source of traffic to your website. This encourages further interaction with your clinic by patients, strengthening their bond with your office.

In addition to providing educational materials, some other interest content suggestions for your newsletter include:

  • Current office or industry news
  • Patient success stories or endorsements
  • Profiles of your clinic’s employees and therapists

The key to an effective newsletter is that it should be sent out on a basis that is frequent enough to remain in your patient’s mind, but not so often that it becomes an annoyance. Aim to keep in touch once to twice a week with fresh, educational content.

Sending Emails to Patients Tailored to Their Needs

Sending Emails to Patients Tailored to Their NeedsPerhaps the most personal ways to keep in touch with your physical therapy patients is through informative messages tailored to their needs. This can include follow-up educational material and other topics directly relevant to each patient. By dividing your patients into different targeted segments, you can ensure you’re providing them with the most customized emails possible unlike platforms like Facebook which is better geared for more general content. The downside of sending customized emails is that it can be time-consuming to create a wide range of useful topics in order to meet all of your patient’s needs. We can help you by providing hundreds of articles branded for your clinic, as well as a steady stream of new updates.

Have Clients Keep in Contact With You by Advertising Your Website Everywhere

In addition to reaching out to your patients, you should promote them reaching out to you to keep in contact. Your website is the central online presence of your physical therapy clinic, and it should be an informative source of articles and content for your patients. If you’re able to get patients to visit your webpage, you’re saving time and work when it comes to trying to reach them. You should be advertising your website everywhere, from your Facebook page to your patients’ invoices.

Keeping on contact with your patients is vital to creating loyalty with your clinic. The internet provides a multitude of ways to do so, through social media, powerfully-crafted newsletters and patient-specific information campaigns. Maintaining interactions with patients, and encouraging them to interact with your clinic’s online presence, can create a stable flow of repeat sources of revenue for your clinic. This stable base of patients means that your marketing efforts will be more powerful at growing your business.

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