Five Steps to Making More Content from A PT Event!

Content marketing for your PT website is not easy and it can be difficult to create a lot of content that is relevant and sharable. You might be inclined to create just one piece of content per event however, you can make much more of it than that. Depending on what type of event you are presenting will make a difference to what you will be able to share afterwards. But there are definitely different avenues you can follow to make the most out of your event. However, if you follow these five steps you will be sure to make more content from one event.

Do Your Research

Before you begin, perhaps in the planning stage of your event, think about what content your customers will want on your website afterwards. You need to think about who will be attending your event, and which audience group will be wanting to read information about it and further reading afterwards. Take this demographic and cater your content in the right way for the people you are targeting.

Look at your competitors and research their websites. What content do they create after their events? Decide what you link and dislike, and this will help you to plan the content you would like to share on your own website. You can also pick up on things that are missing with your competitors which will make your information new and unique.

Ask those who are helping you plan the event what they think will be appropriate to share afterwards. Getting ideas from others may help you develop new content and think about what you are creating in a different way. By doing your research before the event, you can be well prepared to gather information and set out a plan of what content you will be creating and sharing afterwards.

Gather Information

During the event you should be gathering information. There are several ways to do this and it of course depends on what information you are looking for and the type of event. Think about who is attending and what you want to know from your visitors. You can also gather information about what is the most interesting to your attendees and use this to guide what content you share later on.

Surveys are a great way to gather information specific to your needs. You can write specific questions and ask them of your guests during the event, give them a form to fill in or send the out by email for them to answer afterwards. That way you have a valuable source of information and can tailor your following content. You could also have a suggestions and questions box which will help you to understand what your clients want to know.

You can use the information to decide what content is worthwhile for your audience. Answering your guest’s questions will encourage those to visit your website and find the answers. Use the information you have gathered to create different types of content after your event. If conducting surveys or suggestions, you should also ask for email details and options to hear from you. That way you can update your email marketing list too.

Break It Down

When you actually think about it, you can break your event down into different categories. A lot of content can be created from different aspects of your event. Think about what your visitors are interested in and how they will respond to various topics. What is your event about? Are there different elements to it?

If you have different speakers at the event then you might want to make a feature of each one. That can mean one piece of content each and dedicated articles to expand on the talks at the event. You can also choose to do a question and answer article if you have received questions in your suggestion box or as a result of surveys. Then you can create content about the day and share information about how successful the day was and share information about future events.

Breaking your event down into different groups will make it easier to plan your content. You may even want to produce a series of articles that follow on from one another which will help to bring visitors back to your website regularly. Be clear about what you want from each aspect of your event and create specific content to deliver information about each topic.

Cover All Areas

You might be tempted to write one article that covers the event from start to finish but you will be missing out on covering everything well. Following on from breaking down the event into different topics and information to be covered, you need to make sure you are covering all areas of your business to create content for your wider audience.

Your event may be about a certain treatment such as acupuncture for example. You might think that you can only share information about acupuncture but you can expand on this with your content. This could be talking about your specialist therapist and what other treatments they offer. Or talking about the problems this type of treatment is best for and any complimentary therapies clients should consider.

Making the type of articles different is important too so think about how you are going to set out your content. You could include patient information as one article, a case study as another and a question and answer article as one more. That way although the information has come from the same event you are creating alternative articles that will interest your readers. Covering all areas of the event in different ways can help you make the most of the content sharing from just one event.

Share Strategically

Lastly once you have researched, gathered information, broken it down and created some great content you need to get it out there for the right people to read. Its important to have excellent content but without visits to your website it will go unnoticed. This is where strategic sharing comes in.

Decide which outlets to share your content about your event on. Think about what works well on your social media platforms and how your audience will respond to this. Take each article on its own and share at the right time to engage with the majority of your followers online. This might be sharing the articles within a schedule that you already have under your social media strategy or posting a special due to the event. Make sure you know what your strategy is for each piece of content before you start sharing.

You should also consider sending email notifications to those who have signed up or provided their details for more information. Remember the information gathering at the event? This gives you an excellent opportunity to share your articles and provide your visitors with more information by sending them the links by email. All those already signed up will receive the links too, driving more traffic to your website.

Five Steps For Making More Content From One Event

In summary if you follow these five steps you will be creating more content and engaging with more visitors to your website.

  1. Start with your research and begin planning Look at your demographics and features and plan what you want to get out of your event.
  2. Gather information before and during your event which will be used for content later.
  3. Break the event down into different areas and topic giving you a range of areas to draw content from.
  4. Cover all of the areas you want that relate to your event. Expanding on what you have already shared and introducing other relevant content.
  5. Share the content in the right places to gain the most traffic and views for your website.

Then evaluate your articles as you would every time you share. You will see what works and can make changes to your plans for your next event if necessary.

How Will You Create More Content From Just One Event?

As you can see if you think about it the right way and do some planning you can make a lot more content out of one event for your PT website. Think about what your visitors will want to know about the event and what kinds of articles you can share and you will be opening up new ideas for creating excellent content in turn driving traffic to your site. Make the most of the information you get from one event and expand this over multiple posts.

What will you do to create more content from your events? If you are struggling to find the time or ideas to create content for your PT website why not contact Patientsites who can help to do this for you. Get in touch to discuss your content needs and what plans may be right for you.

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