Three Tips to Save Time and Optimize Your PT Site

Save Time and Optimize physiotherapy Site

Modern businesses are expected to run as quickly and swiftly as possible; however, in an age constant distractions, it’s no surprise that many businesses tend to needlessly waste time. Unfortunately, the epidemic of unproductive behavior may have an impact on your PT site and bottom line, as 89% of modern workers waste time at work: some state that they spend up to half of their workdays on tasks unrelated to their jobs. 

Likewise, it’s easy to let the quality of our sites fall to the wayside in the face of so many distractions. From failing to keep our site optimized for SEO to slacking on content creation, our search results are often the first aspect of our business to suffer when distractions take hold.

Don’t fall victim to distractions and inefficiency; instead, do something about it.

Much of the success of a PT site comes down to organization. For example, ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Do you have a defined approach to delegating and organizing tasks for your marketing team?
  • Do you have a communication plans in place to grab the attention of potential patients and respond to their inquires?
  • Are you confident in how smoothly your PT site is running and feel strongly about its performance?

By becoming more organized and understanding the common pitfalls that many PT sites face, you can understand how you can strengthen your practice’s online presence and save money in the process.

Tip #1 - Organize Your Team

From employees and affiliates to freelancers and virtual assistants, chances are there are plenty of potential relationships that you have to juggle. It’s easy for the lines of communication to get crossed; likewise, it’s incredibly easy to overlook crucial aspects of your business if you aren’t effectively managing your relationships.

By organizing your team, you boost the efficiency of your workers and ensure that everything necessary for your site is getting done correctly and on time. Consider the following, for starters:

  • Defining specific roles to your team in regard to marketing so that there are no “crossed wires”
  • Implementing a free project management platform such as Trello amongst your team to hold members accountable for their tasks and understand at a glance where everyone is at on a specific project
  • Providing explicit instructions to your team, such as writing guidelines for freelancers or a task check-list for a virtual assistant

The more organized you are, the less prone you are to mistakes when it comes to your site’s marketing efforts.

Tip #2 - Streamline Your Customer Communication

Communication can be incredibly time-consuming. Thankfully, thereare small steps you can take to make it easier to get in touch and keep in touch with potential patients.

For example, harness the power of email marketing by having a place on your PT site for visitors to opt-in. By providing their email address, such visitors have signaled themselves as warm leads. To take this communication a step further, craft killer autoresponders that incentivize your email list to come into your practice.

On the same note, you can craft email scripts for your team-members to use when patients inquire about services. Keep in mind, however, that acceptable to go “off script” in an effort to maintain a sense of authenticity amongst your potential patients.

While there is no one-size-fits-all to streamlining your communication process, make sure you let your practice’s personality shine rather than coming off as cold or robotic.

Tip #3 - Audit Your Site

Sometimes we don’t want to face the truth when it comes to the shortcomings of our sites; however, understanding our weaknesses is perhaps the best way to get stronger. Especially in regard to a PT site, common errors such as a high bounce rate or poor conversion optimization could be the difference between gaining a new patient and losing out on potential business. To begin the process of auditing your site to uncover potential weak points, ask yourself:

  • Is your PT site optimized for SEO, including site structure, targeting local keywords and building valuable links to your site?
  • Is your site’s design optimized for conversions, including appropriate link structure and strong calls to action?
  • How quickly does your site load? Keep in mind that slow load times correlate with a higher bounce rate, which could hurt your search rankings.

Thankfully, such aspects of your sites can be tweaked and ultimately build your traffic over time. If you aren’t sure of the answers to such questions, you may want to consult an expert to figure out the shortcomings of your PT site.

Optimizing your site can be a lot to juggle; however, it’s an absolutely necessary in today’s competitive economy online. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply want to make the process easier consider letting PatientSites help.

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