PatientSites Automated Patient Pick Up

PatientSites Automated Patient Pick Up


April 1st, 2014

PatientSites raises a $1 Billion dollars from Goooogle Ventures to solve one of the biggest problems PT clinics face 

The amount of lost productivity and revenue for PT clinics from missed appointments is staggering.  The global council of Physical Therapy Pontificators estimates this to cost $3.755.05 Million globally.  That is a lot of money. 

PatientSites, www.patientsites.com is the established leader in online marketing for Physical Therapy clinics.  Scott Waddell, Founder and President said that after conquering online marketing for PT clinics, we have for the past year been considering how to help clinic owners with other significant business problems. 

Lorry Pages, the CEO of Google reported that he is always looking out for innovators that are thinking out of the box and saying "This was really where we were going with our autonomous cars that can drive themselves.  One of the primary goals was to have our own driverless cars picking PT patients up for appointments.  It was in researching this market that we met the PatientSites team who pointed out that the driverless car would not be able to get a patient to the clinic quick enough due to traffic problems.  

We tried to purchase PatientSites but they didn't want to move offices, so we eventually agreed to inject $1billion into the company to bring our engineering talent to the PatientSites drone service."  

Mr Pages also commented that he wants to see the drones in market within 6 months, as he expects to see "drone clones" coming from the usual suspects that come up with the same ideas as PatientSites - albeit a few months after.

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