The 5 Types of Emails a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Send to its Patients

The 5 Types of Emails a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Send to its Patients

The 5 Types of Emails a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Send to its Patients

Email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with your patients, but it can be difficult to keep on coming up with great content for your email newsletters. Let's tale a look at some of the content that your practice could be emailing out in order to increase open rates and bring more traffic to your clinic's website.

  1. Choose a Feature Article – Every month, your newsletter should have a feature article. This needs to be something really interesting that is going to hold the attention of your recipients. You can choose this in a number of different ways. It could be that you have a particular theme going on for the month, or you could look at what the most common complaints are for those patients currently being treated. As an example, if it is the start of the football season and you have a lot of sports injuries coming in then you could focus your article on how to avoid injury on the football field. The feature article needs to be informative and valuable.

  2. Offer a Useful Tip – You need your newsletter to be engaging for the readers and a great way to make this happen is to offer a useful hint or tip relating to physical therapy. This could be a basic how to for an easy exercise, or a more tangible tip such as using a golf ball to roll your foot or a rolled up towel as lumbar support. These monthly tips are likely to be a popular feature which people will look forward to.

  3. Consider Supporting Articles or News Items – If you have opted to do a monthly theme then you should come up with shorter secondary articles that will support your featured topic in order to maintain that theme. Otherwise, you can simply select another interesting topic, or alternatively share some news either from the clinic or something that is happening in the world of physiotherapy such as an overview of the latest research or the results of a new study surrounding a particular physical therapy technique. As with the feature article these sections need to be relevant and offer something to your readers.

  4. Include a Personal Message – Email marketing which has a personal element have been proven to perform better, so always take the time to include a personal message for your patients. This could take the form of a brief letter from the practice manager, a regular staff spotlight or a round up of news and goings on from within the clinic. This helps patients to connect with everyone at the clinic on a personal level and makes your newsletter seem less like hard marketing and more like an old friend keeping in touch!

  5. Don't Forget the Call to Action – Ultimately, your goal in sending out a newsletter is to encourage your patients to do a particular thing. Perhaps you want them to visit your website, book an appointment, sign up for a special offer or maybe just update their details on file at the clinic. Whatever your goal you must remember to include the relevant call to action. Use the rest of the content to hook their interest and guide them towards the final call to action that prompts them to do what you want them to.

These suggestions should steer you in the right direction when it comes to setting up newsletters that can be emailed out to your patient list on a regular basis. It may take some time to get the format and the content just right for your practice, but your efforts will soon begin to pay off. At PatientSites we are leaders in the field of outbound marketing and we can help you to produce consistently successful newsletters to email out to your patient list. This is just one of the many features that we can offer your physiotherapy practice.