Advanced Marketing Tools

Leading global brands implement a variety of online marketing tactics and methodologies to maximize performance.  

Like a swiss army knife – PatientSites has more marketing power packed into a single online marketing system than you’ll find anywhere.

Our all in one solution includes content, blogging, surveys, call tracking, facebook and google integrated reports and more.

 How we help!

How we help!

PatientSites has invested in developing and integrating a number of advanced marketing tools into one cohesive system.  These include:

Blogging System
For clinics that want to improve local SEO or provide more regular local content to your audience our blogging tool makes it easy to produce, schedule and auto-release local content on a regular basis

Survey Platform with advanced insights and options
Our patient satisfaction survey platform utilizes the Net promoter Score (NPS) and other scoring metrics that will allow you to gauge satisfaction at first visit, discharge or even based on factors such as clinic location of treatment or the primary therapist.  We even have a “transparency mode” that you can activate to provide website visitors with insights on a limited data set from your real time survey platform

Live Chat
We have developed a revolutionary live chat system that has proved to be indispensible to many clinics in converting prospects into leads online.   Some features include advanced reporting for conversion measurement, real time phone call-back integration and the option of outsourcing chat management to PatientSites when your are not available

Phone Call Tracking
How many phone calls are you getting from your website, Yellow book, Brochures or any marketing tactic?  How many of those calls (by channel) are repeat callers vs new callers.  Our on board phone call tracking platform makes it easy and affordable for you to measure response rates across virtually any marketing channel

All in one dashboard report
You won’t find another product anywhere that consolidates key insights from across your marketing mix into one easy to consumer report. 

  • Website activity
  • Phone calls
  • Live chat inquiries
  • Appointment Forms completed
  • Contact forms completed
  • Google page rank
  • Surveys completed
  • Net promoter satisfaction score %
  • Newsletters Sent
  • Facebook Fans and impressions
  • Educational content page views
  • View of recent website activity

Advanced Marketing Tools

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