Welcome to PatientSites 6.0. Our biggest release yet.

Our newest release includes the following:

  • New administration tool
  • Blog software
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Redesigned mobile friendly home screen
  • Advanced SEO configuration
  • Stock Slideshow Gallery
  • Live Chat Software (requires custom setup)
  • Reporting dashboard (requires custom setup)

Please watch the video’s below and complete the form at the bottom if you would like to sign up
for items that require custom setup.

New features are officially launching in January 2014
We are happy to announce a pre-launch beta release to our current clients today.

New Administration Tool

Watch this video for a quick tour of the new administration tool.
Click here to start using the new administration interface today
Note - this will become the default administration tool in January

Blogging Software

PatientSites is implementing feature rich blog software within our platform that will allow you to easily post news or event type blog posts to your website.

Our blogging system will automatically update your Facebook page and PatientSites can contribute posts that highlight some of the educational content on your website.
This is ready to use today in preview mode on the new administration interface

Phone Call Tracking

With phone call tracking, PatientSites makes it really simple to track your marketing ROI. You can track phone calls from your website, Yellow Page / Yellow Book advertising and more.

Note: a Charge of $3.00 per month per tracking number and $0.06 per minute applies to call tracking

Redesigned Mobile Home Screen

With PatientSites you can set your full website to load on a mobile device or you can load a version that is designed to load condensed content which can be read without pinching and zooming.

With PatientSites 6.0 we have introduced a fully customizable “app-like” home screen for our mobile version.

Live Chat Software. BETA (requires custom setup)

PatientSites has invested in building the most integrated live chat platform in the world. Our software is free for your clinic to use to manage chats on your own website. We have a pay per use feature where we can manage chats for you when your staff is not available (or all of the time).

In our Alpha tests, we have found the following:

  • 5.6% of visitors engaging in live chats
  • 75% of chats from new prospective patients
  • 44% of prospective patients provided their contact info for follow up

This feature requires customization and training. Please fill in the form below to learn more

Reporting Dashboard(requires custom setup)

We have built an integrated reporting dashboard that will pull key insights from your Google Analytics account and Facebook account into your PatientSItes administration interface. Benefit from the most important information you need at your fingertips. Our reporting dashboard will also display information from our live chat and call reporting services if those are enabled.

Smart Appointment Request (requires custom setup)

We have created a simple to use form for website visitors to request an appointment. The form only loads dates and times for which your clinic is open. This is designed to engage web visitors that may want to send a quick inquiry but are not able to call.

This feature requires customization and training. Please fill in the form below to learn more

Advanced SEO Configuration

Watch this video for information on how to make some changes to your page content that can help with Search Rankings

Stock Slideshow Gallery

We have invested in over 350 amazing stock photos that you can use for your website to add more impact.

Click here to view the gallery

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  • Live Chat Software
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Smart Appointment Request Form