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Q: Can I upload my own content in your campaign builder?

A: Yes, Lead Autom8r has an easy-to-use campaign builder that allows you to upload your own content and create the perfect campaign to match your objective. You will also have full access to our landing page editor and lead box editor to create your own lead magnets, along with pre-designed templates that can be customized to include your content.

Q: Can we get different levels of permissions for access to the Lead Autom8r program?

A: Not at the moment, since we only offer admin-level permission to our dashboard. Admin-level permission allows you to access all the information included in your account. We will be adding multi-level user access in the near future supporting multiple user profiles with different levels of restrictions for accessing different features, sections and data included in your account.

Q: What kind of performance tracking do you offer?

A: We offer detailed reporting on all key performance indicators necessary for a successful lead generation campaign. Our key performance indicators for landing pages and lead boxes include conversions, impressions, visits, form submissions, phone calls, chats, and much more. Additionally, our ad reporting system imports key performance indicators from your Google & Facebook advertising accounts, so you have access to all the necessary metrics in your PatientSites account.
For example, our advertising page shows you the following data:

Q: What is the difference between your $50 and $200/mo packages?

A: $200 is the subscription fee for our full platform (and includes one $50 content pack). Each additional content pack is available for $50 each (including ads).

Q: Will you also be posting to my Facebook page?

A: Lead Autom8r does not include Facebook posting. Please see our Newsletters & Social page for more information on Facebook posting.

Q: What happens to my website if I decide to cancel my subscription?

A: Lead Autom8r program is a plug-and-play feature on websites, so it can be cancelled without causing any problems for your website. Once you send us a 30-day notice for cancellation, we will simply remove our Lead Autom8r content from your website to end the program.


Q: How will you integrate the Autom8r system with my website, if I’m not with PatientSites?

A: The integration process is as follows: We’ll send you a code snippet that needs to be inserted between...on all your website pages. This piece of code will allow us to deploy lead boxes from our system to your website. Then, we’ll create a new subdomain on your website, such as pages.yourdomain.com or leads.yourdomain.com and point it towards PatientSites’ servers; so all your landing pages will then be hosted on a subdomain of your choosing.

Q: What other platforms can PatientSites integrate with if I use one of your content packs?

A: We currently offer full-integration with Full Slate. We will be discussing integrations with other EMR companies in the near future.

Advertising Packs

Q: How does Lead Autom8r compare with other advertising agencies?

A: Lead Autom8r program offers affordable advertising campaigns starting at $25 per month, whereas other digital advertising agencies usually charge between $300 - $2000 per month. We also provide our clients with optimized content pre-written by licensed physical therapists, whereas other advertising agencies expect their clients to provide the content. Our goal is to make advertising accessible for small businesses so more of your budget is assigned to showing ads rather than managing them.

Q: Can you create ads for any personal content that I upload to my account?

A: Yes, we offer a couple of different options for custom advertising with Lead Autom8r. We offer custom advertising management for any personal content you may upload to your account at an additional $200/month. All our content writers get to take advantage of working with our agency partners for advertising management at only $25 per month plus advertising budget.

Q: What if we want to customize the ad campaigns to include other services or unique selling points?

A: Lead Autom8r is a program focused on creating scalable advertising campaigns at an affordable cost. Our advertising campaigns allow practitioners to reach more consumers and maximize their marketing budgets by accessing campaigns created by professional advertising agencies. In order to offer you these campaigns at a budget-friendly price, we restrict making any changes to the campaign on an individual account-level basis. Our campaigns are regularly reviewed by the campaign creator (i.e.: advertising agencies) and updated based on the performance data collected in the prior weeks.

Q: Can you add language to draw a certain ‘type’ of demographic into clinic? For example, those who are interested in cash-pay vs insurance claims?

A: This type of targeting could only be accomplished with Google Ads, and if the prospect is using keyword related to “Cash Pay” in their search terms.
Other targeting options can be selected for user behavior, interests, employers, relationship status, and other such categories. The different options available in each category are limited to those currently offered by Facebook & Google. Please contact us for more information regarding targeting options for your campaign.

Q: I have multiple locations; how can I separate which patient gets email from proper clinic?

A: Multiple location reputation management is possible when the clinic notes in the 'Customers' section the location from which each patient was treated.

Q: What is the cost if I want to use Lead Autom8r, but have custom ads

A: The base cost for Lead Autom8r is $175 per month without paid advertising. You can then opt for a custom advertising management program at an additional $200 per month

Q: What if I want to use my own ad agency, but connect to the Content Pack?

A: You are welcome to use our content packs with any external advertising campaigns, even if they are not associated with PatientSites. Our landing page URLs can be added to your paid advertising campaign, in effect linking your ads to our drip marketing system. The cost for our base program without paid advertising is $175 per month. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Are there any plans to provide ads for other advertising platforms; i.e., Instagram?

A: At the moment we only offer advertising packs for Google AdWords and Facebook Business. We are currently exploring other advertising platforms and welcome feedback from all our clients

Content Packs

Q: Can I preview the content packs to see if your content is suitable for my practice?

A: Please contact us at support@patientsites.com to preview the content packs currently available in our PT content store.

Q: I would be interested in putting together a content pack. What is involved in the process?

A: The process of creating a new content pack involves writing content on a specific subject in the form of an eBook, set of emails, and/or a landing page copy. We expect our writers to create high-quality content that will provide meaningful value to consumers around the world. All our content packs are put through a quality assurance process that ensures we provide our subscribers with only the best content available for physical therapy marketing. Please contact us at support@patientsites.com to learn more.

Q: Are there any topical restrictions for the content packs?

A: There are no restrictions on what kind of content you can produce, as long as the content is directly relevant to physical therapy marketing and suitable for other practitioners. The content also must be high-quality and written with an emphasis on lead generation. Please contact us for more details on how you can become a content writer for Lead Autom8r.

Q: How do I make sure that my competitor is not using the same content pack?

A: Our content packs are geographically exclusive to your clinic location. In other words, any content pack you select will not be available to competitors within 5 km’s from your clinic location.

Lead Magnets

Q: Can I view some sample landing pages and lead boxes before subscribing to your program?

A: Absolutely! Please send us an email at support@patientsites.com and we’ll send over some sample designs.

Q: Can I customize the lead boxes and landing pages?

A: Our Lead Autom8r program includes advanced landing page & lead box editors that are designed to suit both beginner or advanced users. Our editors include a click-to-change editing system, where makes it easy to select and edit the text and images on the landing pages. You would also have access to the detailed code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) in order to make more advanced changes to the page layout and design. Similarly, our lead box editor allows you to make changes to the content, design, triggers and after-submit actions while you view the changes in real-time.

Q: Are you providing A/B testing at this time?

A: We are continually testing and measuring results from different landing page formats. Because of our model of deploying campaigns in multiple markets, we have the ability to develop statistically significant data faster than a single site could to make adjustments based on these learnings.

Q: Can I create landing pages and lead boxes for my own campaign?

A: Yes, you will have full access to our landing page editor and lead box editor to create custom lead magnets. You will also have access to our pre-designed templates that can be customized to include your personal content.

Q: Do I have to be tech savvy or know how to code to use this product?

A: Not at all, as our products are designed to suit both beginner and advanced users. We offer two different editing options: Visual or Detailed. Visual allows you to make changes in a click-to-change format, which is extremely easy to use and similar to other visual editors currently in the market. If you’re familiar with programming languages, such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you can use the Detailed view to make changes directly to the code.

Reputation Management

Q: How does the Reputation Management campaign work?

A: The reputation management campaign makes use of the NPS rating system by sending custom feedback emails based on the rating assigned by the patient. Our system analyzes user ratings and sends them appropriate feedback emails to help promote positive reviews and prevent negative feedback on public review websites.

Q: How do we access the Reputation Management campaign?

A: Reputation management campaign is included for free with your Lead Autom8r subscription. If you’d like to activate reputation management for your website, please email us at support@patientsites.com.

Q: I have multiple clinic locations; how do I make sure that each patient receives a reputation email from the correct location?

A: Multiple location reputation management is possible when the clinic notes the treatment location for each patient in the Customers section. You have the option of assigning each patient a unique clinic location in order to trigger location-specific reputation management emails automatically.

Q: What is HTTPS and why is it important?

A: HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer. It’s a process of securing the data that is transferred between the website and the browser, to make sure all user communication between you and your patients remain confidential.

Q: How can we ensure that user data is being sent to you instead of someone else?

A: All websites with HTTPS encryption include a lock symbol beside their domain/subdomain name in the browser URL bar above. Any web page without a lock symbol in the URL bar is not considered safe for data transfer. You can note the details of a Digital Certificate issued by a Certified Authority (CA) by clicking on the lock symbol in your browser URL bar; all digital certifications contain information regarding the organisation that owns the website, the registered internet name/address and the CA that issued the certificate, for example, VeriSign Trust Network.

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