Autumn Activities to Get Your PT Clients Up and Moving!

As the cool autumn breezes start to fill the air, the time of year for roasting marshmallows on the fire, and cuddling up with blankets is finally here. The desire to be cozy and stay indoors may completely take over your day to day activities. Who wouldn’t want to be bundled in a warm cardigan sipping hot cocoa? But there is still so much you can do outside as the weather starts to chill. 

When it comes to inspiring your physical therapy clients to stay motivated, one of the best ways to do that as the cold settles in is to get them up and moving outside! Finding ways to get your clients out of the house, especially using an outdoor PT routine, will not only help them on their physical therapy path, but will also allow them to enjoy the crisp autumn breeze. Here are some fun autumn activities for your physical therapy clients to stay active! 

Afternoon Hikes

Now that the heat of the summer is on it’s way out, it’s time to start enjoying the whole day in the great outdoors. You won’t have to schedule your run exclusively in the morning to beat the heat, or have to save your intense workouts for after the sun goes down! Finding ways to enjoy the outdoors all day is one of the most exciting parts about fall weather. 

An amazing activity to get your physical therapy clients up and moving is to have them implement afternoon hikes. They can take advantage of the sun shining brightly, but not being beaten up by the summer temperatures. Taking a long hike, or a short hike, in the afternoon will not only allow your clients to burn a few midday calories, but it will also help with their overall mood! 

As you work out, your endorphins begin to rise, and your mood shifts. But if you do not get your workout in before lunch, you may hit that drowsy afternoon wall. As most of us can relate, the mid afternoon slump of tiredness and lethargy can sometimes be difficult to overcome. Not to mention make you want to take a nap more than doing your physical therapy! 

Because it is not as hot, an afternoon hike will not only benefit your clients physically, but it will also put them in a better mood as the cold days stretch on. It’s surprisingly extremely beneficial to have your clients workout in the colder weather! So encourage them to get up and moving by taking an autumn afternoon hike. 

Canoeing and Kayaking

Though the weather may be a bit more chilly, that doesn’t mean water sports and water activities are entirely out of the question! There are still plenty of ways you can take advantage of local lakes, rivers, and even the open ocean if your clients are brave enough. 

Canoeing and kayaking are excellent ways to get a great workout, help your clients with their physical therapy, as well as enjoy the great outdoors in the fall. Sure, it may not sound like an intense exercise, but there are many, MANY benefits of kayaking. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you should included kayaking, or canoeing in your clients’ PT routines:

  • Excellent cardiovascular exercise.
  • Increased muscle strength in the core.
  • Great for building muscle in the arms and shoulders.
  • Low-impact, therefore less strain on joints.
  • Peaceful, as well as meditative activity.
  • Increased stability in the legs and torso.

Not to mention your clients get to take in the beautiful autumnal landscapes as they work out! Canoeing and kayaking are amazing ways for your PT clients to continue to heal their bodies, relax their minds, as well as get out into the great outdoors. 

However, it is important to note that kayaking equipment and canoes can be a bit pricey for some, or may not be available in your area. That does not mean your clients don’t get to enjoy this amazing activity! If you recommend canoeing and kayaking as an exercise to your physical therapy patients, then you need to include options for them. Offer them resources for locations near their homes for equipment rentals. Perhaps give them a packet to a local nature reserve that has kayak and canoes rental fees for a full day of fall fun on the water.

All things considered, there are plenty of ways to get your clients out onto the water! There are tons of reasons to kayak in the fall, and using it as part of PT can be extremely beneficial. Tell your clients about the mental, as well as physical benefits of this fun water sport, and they can easily include it in their PT routines!

Bundled Morning Run

A free and easy way to include excellent cardio into your client’s PT routine is to encourage a nice early morning run. Though the colder air will see them bundled up more than normal, it is definitely an excellent way to include the great outdoors in their day to day exercise. It is also a great way to use PT in your clients’ everyday life! 

Creating healthy habits is one way to not only make physical therapy goals a reality but to also help your clients create a maintainable lifestyle after PT is over. Healthy habits are more likely to stick if they are made a part of long-term life changes. Implementing a morning run as part of physical therapy could possibly lead to a healthier lifestyle down the road!

Because it is cooler in the fall throughout the day, your clients could run at practically any time during the day! However, running and jogging first thing in the morning has its benefits. Including better sleep, more energy throughout the day, as well as better moods and increased cardiovascular health! Not only that, but also it doesn’t cost anything to get up, get out of the house, and start running!

Mid-Day Cycling

Sometimes the summer sun is just too intense to enjoy a really nice, long bike ride. But when the leaves start changing colors, and the sun starts to spend less and less time in the sky, it is a great chance to get your clients to start riding! A long, mid-day bike ride is really one of the best ways to get some added PT into your fall routine. 

There are plenty of health benefits to cycling, but if your clients want to have a low-impact cardio workout, cycling is a great option. There is no monthly fee for taking your bike out for a spin around the neighborhood. Your clients can enjoy your daily routine at home, then as it suits them throughout the week, have them include a joint-friendly bike ride. 

If you feel comfortable allowing your clients to be a bit more adventurous, then you can also encourage them to take their bikes out onto some local trails. Have them follow a slow and steady trail alongside a river, or even get extreme and do a mountain bike trail. Be sure to mention safety helmets to them when you suggest the cycling PT. You can also post a PT blog on your website about the benefits of cycling and safety. 

Sunrise and Sunset Yoga

Physical therapy should always include a few exercises that encourage the body to move in a purposeful and therapeutic way. Yoga is an excellent way to extend your clients’ physical therapy beyond their typical activities. Not only will they get to enjoy the physical benefits, but also the mental and mindfulness benefits as well! 

Your clients will love starting off their day with a nurturing sunrise yoga session. It will begin their fall mornings with an energized start, as well as help to bring awareness to their entire body as they continue on with their day. Not to mention it is an excellent exercise for the quieter hours of the day. 

Yoga is also an amazing way for your clients to end their rest days, or to slow down as the sun begins to set. Finding ways to integrate calming and meditative practices into their physical therapy will help your clients stay happy through out the cool autumn months. As well as bring back clients who may have not been excited about working out outdoors in the summer!

Activities to Keep Your PT Clients Going Through the Fall Months!

It is not always easy to keep your clients motivated after the warmth of the summer sun begins to dim. However, these fun fall activities will help them to stay active with their physical therapy. Not to mention allow you to integrate some fun things into their daily routines! 

Sunrise and sunset yoga are excellent choices to keep your clients grounded at both the start and end of their days. Not only that, but being able to go for a bike ride, or an afternoon hike without overheating is a great way to spend an autumn day! Canoeing and kayaking, as well as chilly morning runs will provide your clients with amazing cardio workouts. As well as breathtaking views while they get their PT in for the day! 

Sometimes your clients will have certain ideas around what physical therapy will mean for them. By putting these exercises into their typical physical therapy routine, it will not only spice up their PT journey, but it will also be a lot of fun! Include these autumn activities to get your physical therapy clients up and moving throughout the chilly fall monthss.

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