3 Pieces of Content You May Not Want to Post!

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media and running an online blog. Of course you want your content to be fun, relatable, as well as personal. However, there are a number of things you should never post. But what exactly should you steer clear of putting up on your PT blog?

Your patients, peers, family and friends all visit the blogs and posts on your website. In order to keep your blog very reader friendly, it’s important to know what is off limits. Here are the three top things you should NOT talk about on your PT blog!

Threatening and Offensive Content

Physical therapy clinics should be examples of a thriving professional environment. Therapists work for years to build clientele, as well as maintain their education and build their businesses from the ground up! But sometimes, that can all come crashing down if clients and co-workers find your online content to be offensive, or even threatening. 

Though you can’t be certain that your posts may not offend EVERYONE, you should always strive to bring the professionalism you have in your clinic to your online presence. However, that isn’t as straight forward as it may seem to be. Especially if you’re trying to write your blog posts from a more personal point of view.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep the following questions in mind before you post your content:

  • Is this post negatively speaking about anyone, or anything?
  • Does this post exclude anyone?
  • Are there any words, ideas, or theories that could be offensive?
  • Is the information backed by scientific evidence, or is it personal claims and opinions?
  • Can this article be changed to be more professional?
  • Would anyone reading this content feel as though their well-being would be threatened?

These questions should definitely be a reference for you to keep your blog posts less offensive. There may also be more questions you feel would allow you to keep your posts less offensive! Follow those instincts and be open to change if you feel a post may harm your business.

Stay up to date on current social concepts of what is considered “offensive”. That way you won’t be surprised if your clients give you feedback about your blog possibly being offensive, or threatening. As social norms change every day, it really is imperative that you recognize offensive words or ideas before you hit publish on your blog!

Profanity and Adult Content

As a vital source of current events, information, as well as resources for your clients, your blog and online content should never include profanity and adult content. As you know, your physical therapy clients come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and races and creeds. There should NOT be anything resembling “adult” content on your online profile.

All things considered, it would be a terrible way to advertise your blog, social media, and website by posting this kind of material. Not to mention you will more than likely lose clients. As well as find yourself in trouble posting such topics online without safety protocols in place. Depending on where you are located, you could see fines, or even worse!

Profanity may seem a bit more difficult for a lot of people. As some would consider certain words to be harmless, others may find them to be extremely bad. Keep the words you use on your physical therapy blog just as trained and practiced as your PT clinic! Don’t post profanity on your website, and never post adult content.

This may seem like common sense, but knowing that you shouldn’t say a few choice words, or post a more provocative picture can sometimes go over people’s heads. Maintain your professionalism at ALL TIMES! Even on social media, on your website, as well as your PT blog.

Personal Opinions on MANY Topics

Your personal opinion is very important to who you are as a human being. Especially when it comes to social, political, and personal subjects. However, posting about your opinions on these subjects on your PT clinic’s website and blog will only lead to trouble.

With everything that happens in the world on a daily basis, you may feel overwhelmed running the blog and may consider using it as a platform to air out your frustrations. But those kinds of decisions in the moment may really harm your career in the long run.

Because your blog is an extension of your business, there are many topics that should be avoided. However, because you are human, sometimes posts and content may steer a little closer to your personal opinions than your professional experience.

In order to avoid professional fallout, here are some topics that you could focus on instead of private or personal opinions on MANY different topics:

  • Specific exercises for your clients
  • General wellness guidelines at home
  • Fun activities that include PT goals
  • How sleep and diet can affect your PT long term
  • Ways to get your clients involved at your PT clinic
  • Your professional background
  • Client success stories!

There are so many topics that your clients and co-workers can relate to on a personal level, without involving social, political, or private opinions. Always consider how your audience will perceive you and your physical therapy clinic against your personal views. After all, your blog is an extension of your BUSINESS. Not your own individual social media and online presence.

Ways to Maintain Your Professionalism at All Times

What you post online should always be considered an essential part of your business. You should consistently represent yourself on the internet as if you were in front of your physical therapy clients in person. Furthermore, you should remember that your PT blog and website reach an impossibly large audience because of the internet.

Because of that wide range of clientele and physical therapy professionals who have access to your website, you can follow a few easy tips to maintain your professionalism at all times. Whether you are online daily, or simply maintain your blog on a monthly basis, here are some great tips for keeping it all business, all the time.

Keep Your PT Blog Posts on Topic

If you’re frequently posting content, keep your topics close to the clinic. Meaning, in general, don’t make your content around non-physical therapy related categories. Always bring your audience back to what your services mean, how they can help people, as well as what they entail. This will help keep focus on all of the hard work you, your clients, and your employees put into your physical therapy work.

Focus on Clients

Allowing your PT blog posts to get away from your clients would definitely be something to avoid. In order to keep it professional, you should always key in on what your clients need, as well as what they request from you as an experienced professional.

If your blog no longer benefits your clients, or your physical therapy clinic, then it will no longer represent your business. Keep the information on your PT blog focused on the needs of the clients at all times. After all, they are the ones who primarily use your website as a source of information and resources!

Hire Someone to Create Content

An excellent way to keep your own personal preferences out of your online work space is to hire someone to create content for you. Whether you hire one specific, in-office individual to run your online business, or you hire an online freelancer, having someone who is skilled in writing online would be helpful!

You should have the absolute final say as to what is published on your website. However, hiring someone familiar with your field, as well as publishing professionally online, will be a great way to grow and establish your business!

Physical Therapy in the Spotlight

If ever you find yourself struggling about what to write about, what may offend readers, or whether or not your content could be perceived as inappropriate, bring it back to physical therapy. Your physical therapy clinic is the most important aspect of your website, blog, as well as your online presence. If you ever struggle with whether or not your content will not be professional, put the PT back in the spotlight!

Navigating the waters of the internet isn’t always easy. However, if you keep your expertise, your qualifications, as well as your subject matter focused on physical therapy, you will be ok! You can’t always make content that is going to please everyone, but you can do your due diligence to make certain you are the consummate professional!

Content You May NEVER Want to Post on your PT Blog or Website

Though the internet may be a more divisive place than it used to be, there is one thing that you can constantly control. That is the professionalism that comes from your physical therapy clinic’s online presence. As the site represents an extension of your career, it is extremely important it doesn’t include some pieces of content.

Steer clear of using offensive language, topics, as well as seemingly threatening words. Never post profanity or adult content to your blog. And never, NEVER, use your clinic’s blog as a place to vent, or express personal opinions on many subjects.

Your clients expect your blog and your website to be a place for educated information, as well as physical therapy resources. By keeping it professional, you are putting their needs, and the needs of your clinic first. Don’t let your career be taken down by unwanted online content! Keep these three pieces of content you don’t want to post in mind, and you’ll be on your way to a successful blog!

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