Human: How to Create a Distinctive Tone of Voice for Your PT Clinic’s Blog

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when creating content for your physical therapy clinic’s blog is not paying attention to your tone of voice. A lot of content creators are concerned with finding the best topics, crafting compelling headlines and optimizing their articles to perfection. But, they forget that what makes them stand out from the promotional clutter is having a distinctly human voice. People don’t want brands talking to them in a boring, formal matter. They wan...
Posted on 2017-11-06

Backed by Data: The Best Time to Send Cold Emails

In most aspects of life, timing is everything. It can make the difference between a great joke and one that falls flat. It can turn your dinner from a delightful experience with the family into a burnt mess. And, it can derail your plans as you receive an exciting job offer in a different city just a week after you’ve signed that lease on your new apartment. The same stands true for marketing, albeit with a bit more planning. While you may be ready to send off that email as and when you f...
Posted on 2017-10-21

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your PT Clinic’s Website

Let’s be honest for a second. We live in a world where consumers no longer want their attention bought. They want you to earn it. Long gone are the days when you could assault your audience with advertising messages with no real way for them to escape the heavy bombardment. Nowadays, they have tools that allow them to block any unsolicited communication. More than that, they expect more than just a plain, general marketing message. They want personalized communication that caters to their ...
Posted on 2017-10-18

Adaptive Clinic Content: Creating A Personalized Patient Experience

Adaptive Clinic Content: Creating A Personalized Patient Experience. When you’re trying to stay on top in your market segment, you know that it’s not only a battle against your competitors and a struggle to meet your audience’s expectations but also a struggle to stay fresh and relevant in the context of an ever-changing picture. It can be a big challenge. As a physical therapy clinic, you know that your most important assets are quality services and professional staff and s...
Posted on 2017-09-08

How to engage patients online without being pushy

Improving Patient Engagement on Your PT Website . In marketing, there is a fine line between sending enough information and coming across as pushy. Consumers receive thousands of advertisements every day, so they’ve learned how to filter it and ignore the messages that they perceive as a nuisance. People are even pickier about the marketing messages they choose to pay attention to when they’re online. Users close intrusive ads that interfere with their browsing experience...
Posted on 2017-09-05
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