Adaptive Clinic Content: Creating A Personalized Patient Experience

Adaptive Clinic Content: Creating A Personalized Patient Experience. When you’re trying to stay on top in your market segment, you know that it’s not only a battle against your competitors and a struggle to meet your audience’s expectations but also a struggle to stay fresh and relevant in the context of an ever-changing picture. It can be a big challenge. As a physical therapy clinic, you know that your most important assets are quality services and professional staff and s...
Posted on 2017-09-08

How to engage patients online without being pushy

Improving Patient Engagement on Your PT Website . In marketing, there is a fine line between sending enough information and coming across as pushy. Consumers receive thousands of advertisements every day, so they’ve learned how to filter it and ignore the messages that they perceive as a nuisance. People are even pickier about the marketing messages they choose to pay attention to when they’re online. Users close intrusive ads that interfere with their browsing experience...
Posted on 2017-09-05

Decision Paralysis: How Choice Overload Is Killing Your PT Website

There’s an old story by Greek fabulist Aesop called “The Fox and the Cat” that still holds true relevance today. According to the fable, the fox was bragging to the cat about the different tricks it had for escaping its enemies. The cat, in return, said it only had one. While they were talking, the two animals heard some hounds and reckoned huntsmen were approaching. The cat used the one trick it had and climbed the tree to hide. The fox, however, started going through all i...
Posted on 2017-08-14

7 Surprising Things That You Can Learn from the Patients That Don't Convert

Here is a story physical therapy clinic owners know all too well. You’ve worked to create a website that is optimized for SEO. You create content on a regular basis and get a steady amount of traffic. There’s just one problem. All those new visitors that land on your site, look around, read some of your articles but leave never to be seen again. In spite of your best intentions, your prospective patients aren’t converting. What is it that you’re missing? Instead o...
Posted on 2017-07-31

How to Avoid a Google Penalty: the Definite Guide for PT Websites

It’s a webmaster’s worst nightmare. You wake up one day, check your analytics, and notice that your traffic is plummeting. What happened? Google penalties usually strike out of the blue. You thought you were doing everything correctly, respecting Google’s guidelines when an unexpected algorithm update takes you by surprise. When that happens, you can lose up to 20 of them are submitting a reconsideration request to recover their ...
Posted on 2017-07-01
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